Come and join us & learn more about chemical free farming, homesteading & self sufficiency on small acreages. 


Thinking of Buying Acreage Workshop

Have you ever thought about moving to a few acres in the country to enjoy the lifestyle, or buying a farm and becoming self sufficient? Should you do it? And if so, what costs are involved?

This workshop will take you through the buying process, what to look for, what services are available to assist you, as well as looking at the ongoing costs involved in running a small acreage.

Next Workshop: Saturday 25th August 2018 9am-4.30pm

Small Farms Workshop

If you would like to learn more about running a small farm, using low cost infrastructure, looking after animals & producing your own food then you will love this workshop. What you learn in this workshop can be applied to your own land, or to rented land - as everything we use is portable. Our farm has also been set up to be run by a female farmer - so these systems can work for everyone. 

Next workshop: Sunday 23rd September 2018 9am -4pm

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Natural Beekeeping Workshop

Natural Beekeeping Workshop coming soon.  
Working with Langstroth, Warre & Top Bar Hives.
Email us to register your interest. 

Next Workshop: Sunday 28th October 2018