Grace Springs Farm Homeschool Tours


We offer unique farm learning experiences to Homeschooling groups and families.

There is so much to see and learn from here on our sustainable farm. We can run an informational and interactive tour for you, or we can work with you to design a tour to meet your specific learning objectives. 

The farm is a fantastic base for unit studies. We are particularly geared for teaching  science (biology, chemistry, physics), maths, geography (sustainable biomes), agriculture and art. We are currently working with a local Agricultural High School as their 'Farm Case Study'. The school is able to bring the students back to the farm on a regular basis to build on their learning - this is something we would love to partner with homeschooling families as well. 

Virginia is currently studying a diploma in Holistic Management, and is able to draw from this amazing course to pass the information on to your children.

We can use the ducks, chooks, cows, calves, beehives, market garden, fencing & paddocks to facilitate learning.

We explain why we farm the way we do & what is involved in chemical free farming. Sometimes you even get to fish for tadpoles! 

We are more than happy to create a tour to suit your needs. Please call Virginia on 0425 258 699 if you would like to tailor a Homeschool tour for your group or family.